Albizia amara - usilai, vaagai, sirisa

Wirkung: Gegen schuppende Kopfhaut.

Amla (Emblica officinalis)

Entfettend, hilft beim Färben und ist eine leicht saure (hoher Vitamin C Gehalt) Spülung.


Aritha/Reetha/Waschnuss (Sapindus trifoliatus)

Reinigend, kann das Haar etwas steif machen. Aritha kann im Ganzen sowohl frisch als auch getrocknet verwendet werden indem man es kocht und über Nacht stehen lässt. Kann auch als mildes Waschmittel verwendet werden. Wird oft in Verbindung mit Amla und Shikakai empfohlen.

Cleansing, can leave hair a bit stiff. Aritha - can be used whole, fresh or dried, boiled then let stand of a night, as a shampoo on their own. It can also be used as a gentle fabric detergent. Some recommend it for use with shikakai and amla.


Brahmi Gatu Kola (Bacopa monnieri)
Used for skin diseases. When used as a paste promotes growth and is anti dandruff. Similar to the oil.

Bringraj (Eclipta alba) 
Fördert den Haarwuchs. Wird benutzt um vorzeitiger Glatzenbildung entgegen zu wirken und hilft sonnengeschädigtem und gefärbtem Haar. Kraut und ÖL wird die gleiche Wirkung zugeschrieben.

Aids in hair growth. Used for prevention of premature balding, and helps with sun damaged and color treated hair. Bringraj herb and oil have similar properties.

Hibiskus (Rosa sinensis)
Mildes Reinigungsmittel, fördert den Haarwuchs, 
Mild cleansing agent, promotes hair growth, softens and conditions. Hibiscus - possibility of it staining light porous hair a slight red.

Jatamansi--Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi)

An essential oil usually mixed with sesame oil. It helps in growth and darkening of hair, prevents hair loss and premature graying. It is good for dry hair and scalp. It is used as a nerve sedative by massaging it into the scalp.

Kapoor Kachii
Wachstums- und glanzfördernd aber auch gerne wegen des geruchs verwendet.

Methi fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum)
Very conditioning, can be used as a gelling agent in mixes for the slime factor. Gives shine to hair. Also good for dandruff and hair loss.

Neem (Azadirachta indica)
Anti fungal, anti bacterial herb. Can have an unpleasant smell if infused in oil. The herb itself has a neutral smell. It works in killing of and protection against lice, fungal caused dandruff, and any infection caused skin conditions. Helps treat eczema. Natural insecticide and fungicide.

Orangenschale (Citrus aurantium)
A mild astringent used for skin. Makes hair soft, manageable, shiny, and supple.

Urdbohne / Phaseolus Mungo -- black gram, green gram, mung bean
Cooling agent.

Rosen(-blatt) Pulver (Rosa alba)
Cooling, soothing, and cures skin irritations. Fragrant.

Sandelholz rot / Sandalwood--red (Pterocarpus santalinus)
Cooling and soothing herb. do not confuse with yellow sandalwood, which is prized for its lovely scent.

Sandelholz gelb / Sandalwood yellow
Purifying and soothing. Good for normal to oily hair in a hair mix (not a lot, has a simialr consistence to clay cleaners). Good as a face mask

Shikakai/Sheekakai (Acacia concinna)
Cleansing agent. Can be drying. Use with oils or a conditioning herb.

triphala - mix of Amla, Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) - promotes hair growth

Tulsi--holy basil (Ocimum sanctum)
Treats ringworm and other skin diseases, protects skin from environmental damage

Vetiver (Vetivera zizanioides)
A cooling herb, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic